metronome in mobile phone
Metronome | Music Dictionary | Pulse Meter

Software for mobile phones

Musicians, music teachers and music students of all levels can now collect some necessary tool in their mobile phones.
Most of today's mobile phones are able to download and run java applications which can transform your phone to a metronome, music dictionary, tuning fork, BPM counter/pulse meter etc.

All software can be instantly downloaded for free to your mobile phone as trial versions.
(The trial versions have full functionality but can only be started three times and have a one minute introduction which can not be skipped.)
To activate the program for unlimited use and no introduction, just buy an activation code in our store.


mobile phone metronome

Make your phone into a fully featured metronome!
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Music Dictionary

music dictionary for mobile phones

Hmm... "poco rallentando", what does that mean?
Look up foreign words and music terms you find in
your sheet music right when you need it!
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Pulse Meter / BPM Counter

pulse meter bpm counter

Measure the tempo of music or your heart rate.
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